Our Vision & Mission

The Largest Textile Supplier

JAKEL aims to expand the company and be established as the largest textile supplier as well as importer in Malaysia.

The Highest and Guaranteed Quality

JAKEL aims to provide textiles and fabrics with the highest and guaranteed quality to ensure that the needs of individual customers, the government and private sectors are met.

The Most Exquisite Fabrics

JAKEL aims to consistently and continuously provide the most exquisite fabrics in order to meet the customer’s satisfaction in terms of trends and styles.

Customer’s Maximum Satisfaction

Consistent with the company’s motto. “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY”, JAKEL aims to practice the concept of “ONE SALESPERSON FOR ONE CUSTOMER” with the purpose of reaching the customer’s maximum satisfaction.

The Best Service & Pleasant Shopping Experiences

JAKEL aims to deliver the best service in order for customers and clients to have a unique and unforgettable shopping experiences in all of our Textile Galleries.