When it comes to Bridal apparel, Lace plays an important role in enhancing the overall appearance of the Bride. We have a series of Laces used on the apparel such as French Lace, Italian Lace, Korean Lace, Swiss Lace, Germany Lace and Prada Lace. Besides Lace, beads are also another element to decorate the Bridal apparel.

Sewed with Beaded French Lace and Beaded Lace Border, sprinkled with a fistful of Swarovski stones to emit a sense of dramatic aura for every bride yearning to become Queen of the day. The Bridal Collection is coupled with a series of soft color tones to further elevate the beauty and handsomeness of The King and Queen of the day.

If you’re in the midst preparing for a fantasy wedding of your dream, make sure you get a set of Bridal apparel from Jakel.

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