Brocade is a term coined in the late 16 century, originated from the Italian word “broccato” which means “embossed cloth”. In the Middle Ages, Brocade was seen as one of the luxurious fabrics worn by the nobilities in China, India, Greece, Japan, Korea and Byzantium. In present, it is widely available for every discerning individual who seeks high-quality fabric.

Brocade is made of solid or multi-colored silk threads and sometimes combined with gold or silver metallic threads. Floral patterns are crafted all over the fabric for attractiveness. Besides, the weight of Brocade is slightly heavier than other fabrics. Due to its amazing features, the usage of Brocade is not restricted to clothing such as dresses, suits and coats. It is also widely utilized to produce furniture, upholstery and handbag.

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