The name Chiffon was originated from a French term “chiffe rag” in the Mid 18th century. Chiffon is made of silk and nylon. However, at the beginning of time, Chiffon was made of pure silk. In 1983, Nylon was combined to produce Chiffon. Since then, it has become a popular combination until the present time.

Chiffon is famous for its soft texture and lightweight. It is also semi-transparent to the visual. Due to such characteristic, designers often employ Chiffon as a major fabric for evening dresses and gown. Dedicated as an overlay to sprinkle a layer of elegant and graceful appearance to the wearer.

Chiffon is a common material for making blouses, ribbons and scarves. It is loved by many discerning individuals to wear Chiffon in a hot and humid weather like Malaysia. A wide range of Chiffon designs is available at Jakel such as floral and abstract patterns.

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