Cotton is deemed as one of the most common materials in the textile industry. It is a soft white fibrous substance that is made into textile and thread for sewing. Globally, Cotton is produced at an estimation of 25 million tons every year to cater the needs of every manufacturer and consumer. To date, China is the largest producer of Cotton and the United States acts as the largest exporter.

Besides China, Cotton was also discovered and developed in many countries in the past such as Indian subcontinent, Mexico, Peru, Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Europe, Britain and the United States.

With a natural property of bringing comfort and providing warmth, Cotton appears in most of our daily apparel such as towels, robes, jeans, shirts, socks, jacket, undergarment and t-shirt. Another extra point for making Cotton a lovable fabric is the mass production at affordable prices. Due to its incredible strength, Cotton is easy to wash and take care of without going through many hassles.

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