Songket had a very old history dated back to a few hundred years where it was originated in India. Previously, only the royalties such as Sultan and King wear this luxury fabric. Today, the fabric is widely available for everyone.

Contradictory to its believed origin, Songket is a Malay term coined from “sungkit”, means to hook. The meaning is associated with the method of producing Songket which is to hook a group of threads and slip gold and silver threads in it. Silk and cotton are the major elements that form Songket. Traditionally, it is hand-woven. In modern times, it’s produced massively with machines.

Songket comes with stunning patterns such as floral, flowers, bamboo shoots and more. It makes a great material to produce clothing for men and women. For men, it is used on long sleeve shirt, Sampin and pants. For women, it is used on long sleeve blouse and Sarong.

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